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Kärcher Center was established in order to meet the needs of customers looking exclusively for Kärcher cleaning equipment. The company has been around for several years and has a reputation for supplying high-quality equipment. Hence, why some professionals will use only their products.

At Kärcher Center, we understand why our customers only want to work with Kärcher equipment. We have created a supply chain with a footprint that spans the whole of Southern Africa and have the largest Kärcher dealership network on the African continent. This means that we not only supply to individuals and business in South Africa, but also to neighbouring countries.

Our dealership network consists of a massive stock holding area, meaning we always have stock on hand, a team of qualified service technicians and sales professionals, walk-in showrooms in all major cities in South Africa, as well as the largest service vehicle fleet of its kind in Africa.

Kärcher Center is compliant with numerous international standards, such as ISO (Quality Management System) and TUV (Safety Testing Standard).

Kärcher Center has the largest range of Kärcher products among our competition. All professional products come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. We also offer a national hotline and 24-hour back up services should a client require assistance with their professional equipment outside of normal operating hours.

Finally, we offer certified training to all our customers to ensure they can get the best out of their new Kärcher Cleaning Equipment.