Cordless Electric Brooms

Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers

Purchase your Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers unit today and enjoy the world’s first battery powered window cleaner.
The unit offers you the opportunity to clean smooth surfaces. This includes windows, tiles and mirrors to name a few. Moreover, it allow you to save time and effort with a convenient design.
The compact Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers unit ensures that innovation is always in your hands.
Simply use the water vacuum process to remove dirt and grim from windows.
With a hygienic approach the system will not lead streaks behind and simply clean the surface effectively.
The Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers unit will also clean dirty water as it cleans so that it doesn’t drip on your cleaned surfaces.
The lightweight nature makes cleaning much easier and efficient. You can speed up the cleaning process when you choose to use the unit!

How To Use

Moisten the window with your detergent. If you would like, you can even use a spray bottle that has detergent inside.
Now the Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers unit can get to work. It will work effectively to remove any and all dirt from the surface.
You can use a wiper before to remove the grime and hard dirt if necessary. The device is small as it has been made to be compact and ready for use.
As such you can handle the spray bottle, wiper and Cordless Electric Brooms & Sweepers unit all in one go.
There will be very little noise as the device has incorporated a design with up to 10% less noise.

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