The first impression counts, this is especially true in the hotel and restaurant business. Cleanliness is the first impression guests have of a hotel or restaurant. Leading hotels and restaurants rely on the world market leader Kärcher for this. From scrubber driers for the foyer to incredibly quiet vacuums for the lobby, Kärcher always has the right cleaning system.

Guests come first and and hotel guests want things clean and quiet – in all areas, at all times. Cleaning equipment for indoor areas must therefore have the following characteristics – they must be quiet, easy to transport, ergonomically designed, and usable even in small spaces. These characteristics also make these machines easier to use and more pleasant for the operator.

The kitchen is vitally important for the reputation of a restaurant, for compliance reasons as well, there must be no room for doubt that hygiene is the top priority here. Kärcher offers all the machines, accessories and cleaning agents necessary to maintain stainless steel surfaces, ovens and floors in appetisingly clean condition.

The anticipatory pleasure of a good meal or a wellness weekend reaches its climax immediately before the entrance. This expectation can be further enhanced by a well maintained outside area. This advantage should be exploited to the full – in the car park, along the driveway, and in the underground car park, walkways and pool area. And with Kärcher cleaning equipment you can do all this using our perfectly coordinated machines, accessories and cleaning agents.

Cleanliness and hygiene have top priority in swimming pools and saunas. Without compromise. Kärcher equipment is ideal for cleaning in the wellness sector, to remove coarse and fine dirt, dissolve limescale and disinfect. Areas are left looking clean and hygienic.