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Karcher Floor Polishing Machines

Our Karcher Floor Polishing Machine gives you the opportunity to polish your flow the simple way. With polishing
results to die for the unit serves to ensure your surface looks the way it should.

Likewise, it has been specifically designed in order to clean multiple floor surfaces. This includes parquet, laminate,
stone, PVC, cork and linoleum.

The Karcher Floor Polishing Machine allows you to conveniently polish your surface with state of the art
technology. This includes its many features such as the triangular design.

This makes it easy to clean corners and those hard to reach areas so your entire floor sparkles.

You can easily vacuum the polished dust if it arises.

Moreover, the unit can be stored in small spaces thanks to its compact size. The cable can also be tucked away neatly
and stored.

The Karcher Floor Polishing Machine comes with an abdunace of functions thanks to the optimal polishing nature.

An ergonomic handle makes cleaning both simple and comfortable. The geometry of the polishing head is also an advantage
as it allows for the system to manoeuvre on surfaces and in tight spaces effectively.

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