Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher handheld vacuum cleaners prove that a vacuum cleaner does not have to be large to be powerful.

Despite its small size, the handheld vacuum cleaner dazzles with its unique cleaning performance that effortlessly puts it on a par with large canister vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to its patented triple-telescope system, the vacuum cleaner can be reduced to half its size. Simply press a button and push together – the vacuum cleaner is one of the most compact in the world and can be stored in even the smallest household.

The VC 5 owes its strong performance to its switchable Karcher dry floor nozzle with flexible joint. The nozzle was developed specially for this vacuum cleaner and has low power consumption, using its particularly compact design and special air channel to produce maximum power.

Another feature is the bagless filter system with integrated filter cleaning, which saves on costly replacement filter bags. The filter box can be easily removed, ensuring rapid filter emptying.

The VC 5 is a little powerhouse with extremely high performance.

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