Extreme suction power, very energy efficient and high-quality accessories. An innovative filter concept and maximum ease of use. Karcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners with their universal range of applications really do tick all the boxes.

The VC 3 is a multi-cyclone, compact, bagless vacuum cleaner, that makes thorough cleaning possible without filter bags. This vacuum cleaner includes a HEPA 12 filter with minimal dust emissions to ensure extremely clean air – ideal for allergy sufferers.

The DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter ensures not only thoroughly clean floors, but also fresher dust-free exhaust air. In contrast to conventional vacuum cleaners with filter bags, the DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter relies on the natural force of water which is whirled around the filter at high speeds. The dirt taken in is guided by the whirlpool, reliably filtered from the air and bound in the water. The result is extraordinarily fresh, clean exhaust air.

Wet & Dry multi-purpose vacuum cleaners range from the entry level WD 1 to the ultra-powerful WD 6 Premium.