Kärcher Cold Water Portable Class PRO HD 600

Powerful, compact and mobile: the ProHD 600 in robust, professional quality with brass cylinder head, automatic pressure relief and carrying handle can be used in a horizontal or vertical position.
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The ProHD 600 impresses with its excellent mobility, extremely compact construction style and light weight. The high-pressure cleaner features a reliable 3-piston axial pump with brass cylinder head and is equipped with an additional handle for easy loading and transport. Operation is possible both in a horizontal and vertical position, offering maximum flexibility of use. Clever accessory storage with nozzle compartment, screw connections (M18x1.5) for surface cleaners, as well as a rubber strap for attaching the high-pressure hose, provides added convenience. The high-pressure cleaner features an automatic pressure relief system. This ensures a significantly easier-to-use HP trigger gun, protects the components, extends the service life, reduces the repair and maintenance costs and makes operation more comfortable. The telescopic push handle reduces storage and transport time. The machine also impresses with low space requirements for storage and transport.