Kärcher IP 120

Fresh dry ice pellets for faster cleaning results: our IP 120 dry-ice pelletiser produces 120 kg of dry ice pellets per hour – directly where they are needed.

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The IP 120 dry-ice pelletiser from Kärcher impresses with an operating concept that is as easy as it is secure. A robust stainless steel frame offers protection from the outside influences encountered during daily deployments, while you can keep an eye on the oil level, oil temperature, motor load, as well as the pressure of the hydraulic oil and CO2 in use at any time via the indicator lights and easily readable pressure gauges. The logical arrangement on the control panel and the machine’s easy single-button operation also support you here. With the IP 120, you can produce dry ice pellets exactly when you need them. As such, you benefit in several ways. Firstly, fresh pellets significantly reduce the cleaning time – cutting it in half in the best case scenario. Secondly, production and cleaning can be optimally matched to one another, which not only saves costs associated with planning, but also unnecessary costs for procurement and storage. Dry ice produced using the pelletiser from Kärcher is also suitable for cooling heat-sensitive products. All that is required for operation is a CO2 tank, which your local gas supplier will be happy to rent to you.

Technical data

Capacity (kg/h) 120
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Phase (Ph) 3
Connection load (kW) 4
CO₂ supply connection 1/2″ BSP socket
CO₂ source CO₂ storage tank; liquid phase 13-21 bar
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1320 x 700 x 1430
Weight without accessories (kg) 360
Dry ice form 1.7 mm, 3 mm, 16 mm
Casing/frame stainless steel


  • Extruder plate: 3 mm