Kärcher NT 22/1 Ap Te L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Perfect for tradespeople: NT 22/1 Ap wet and dry vacuum cleaner with power outlet (with auto-start feature), strong suction power and semi-automatic cleaning system. Compact, lightweight entry-level device.


Tradespeople will come to really appreciate this little powerhouse. Our NT 22/1 Ap Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a power outlet with auto-start feature for power tools, is very light and thus always convenient to transport and it impresses during light to moderate cleaning work with its strong suction power. Be it dust, coarse dirt or liquids: Thanks to the semi-automatic filter cleaning system and moisture-resistant PES cartridge filter, it carries out its work reliably and thoroughly. Here, the suction hose connection integrated directly into the device head enables maximum utilisation of the container capacity. This means that the easy-to-use and versatile NT 22/1 Ap Te is the ideal companion for installation and renovation work, building cleaning and many other commercial applications.



Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Ergonomic bend for the new clip system. With airflow control slide, in an antistatic design.

Ergonomic bend for the new clip system.

Ergonomic bend for the new clip system. Electrically conductive design. Particularly suited to high concentrations of fine dust.

Angled, flat, plastic car vacuuming tool with about 90 mm working width. Only for NT vacuum cleaners.

Moisture-resistant PES cartridge filter for wet and dry vacuum cleaning. Dust class L-certified.

Crevice nozzle ID 35, for new Tact range.

Drilling dust nozzle for dust-free vacuuming of boreholes. Suitable for dry and wet and dry vacuum cleaners from Kärcher.

Plastic elbow, grey, with C-35 clip system.

2.5 m suction hose with new bayonet and clip fastener.

Stainless steel suction tube set, NW 35, 2-part, each 0.55 millimetres.

Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Suction tube, metal, chrome-plated, NW 35. Length: 0.5 metres.

Tool adaptor with a rubber fixture and airflow control slide for the new clip system. Suitable for all current electric tools.