Kärcher WV 6 Premium Window Cleaner


The WV 6 Premium Window Vac with innovative suction blade and flexible applications – 2 wiping cloths for inside and outside areas, a spray bottle, detergent and a dirt scraper all included in the set.

SKU: 1.633-530.0


The longer blade of the Kärcher WV 6 Premium Window Cleaner allows you to use it from the surface’s top edge to the bottom corner in just one go. Now you can quickly and easily remove excess fluid from surfaces close to the floor, right up to the edge.

Kärcher’s innovative Window Vac has been effortlessly keeping windows smear, smudge and streak-free for a long time and the innovative blade technology makes it even more flexible now. Its extra-long battery running time of 100 minutes as well as the display, which indicates the remaining minutes of running time, mean the Window Vac can keep going for even longer. This makes planning your cleaning easier.

The Kärcher WV 6 Premium Window Cleaner set also includes two wiping cloths for interior and exterior areas, a spray bottle, a dirt scraper as well as 20 ml of detergent. With the WV 6 Premium, cleaning has no limits.

The window vac  is very convenient in handling and due to battery operation very flexible in application. The spray bottle with microfibre pad and the detergent concentrate offer an optimal solution for a perfect cleaning result.

Battery-operated window vacs have been present in many millions of homes for some time now. The reason for their popularity is obvious, one of the most unpopular household chores becomes much more convenient. A fast, streak-free cleaning result is practically guaranteed and the dirty water lands in the window vac’s collection tank instead of on the floor thanks to the suction function.

Window vacs work on many smooth surfaces. Thanks to the flexible suction lip, they can also be used on slightly curved surfaces. Anyone who has the window vac at home quickly discovers numerous other possibilities for practical use. Mirror covered in dried-in toothpaste splashes? Glass door has imprints of unwashed children’s hands? Did the cat take a walk on the countertop in the kitchen and leave his paw prints behind? All this is not a problem with the window vac. Wherever moisture remains during cleaning, it can be quickly and conveniently suctioned.

After showering the window vac can also be used to remove moisture from the wet tiles and shower doors. Anyone who performs this task consistently can drastically reduce the formation of stubborn residues of lime and soap. The weekly bathroom cleaning is then much easier and faster. Other fields of applications are in the outside area, e.g., for streak-free cleaning of car windscreens.

Technical data

Working width of suction nozzle (mm) 280
Working width of the narrow suction nozzle (mm) 170
Dirty water container capacity (ml) 150
Battery run time (min) 100
Battery charge time (min) 170
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Cleaning performance per battery charge Approx. 300 m² = 100 windows
Current type (V/Hz) 100 – 240 / 50 – 60
Weight incl. battery (kg) 0.8
Weight without accessories (kg) 0.8
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1.4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 126 x 280 x 310


  • Fast charger
  • Spray bottle Extra with microfibre wiping cloth
  • Window cleaner concentrate (1 x 20 ml)
  • Microfibre wiping cloth, outdoor, 1 x
  • Exchangeable suction nozzle
  • Dirt scraper