Dust Buster CHV 2

Dust Buster CHV 2

As the world leader in cleaning technology, New Karcher Products and Innovations are added continuously, the CHV 2 is another example of the new products and innovations, designed to make cleaning around the Home & Garden faster and more effective.

The Dust Buster CHV 2 battery powered hand-held vacuum cleaner is light and compact and ideal for quick clean-ups in the kitchen, lounge, dining room, bedrooms and vehicles.

The Dust Buster CHV 2 battery powered vacuum cleaner is compact enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer, on a shelf or can easily fit under a car seat or in the boot. It effortlessly and powerfully removes dirt, e.g. crumbs, dust, hair and pet hair from surfaces, furniture, floors and car interiors.

Its is easy to operate with a well positioned on/off button on the top and he container is easy to open and clean.

Another unique feature of this compact hand-held vacuum is the filtration system, which ensures very clean exhaust air by the 2 stage washable filter system made of fine steel mesh for coarse dirt and hair as well as a HEPA 12 hygiene filter. The HEPA 12 hygiene filter can be relied on to capture at least 99.5% of all particles, including pollen, fungal spores, bacteria, viruses and mite faeces.

With a weight of only 1 kg it is suitable for users of any age and physical strength as it required very little effort to operate.

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