Hot water high pressure cleaners raise the water temperature from around 12°C to as much as 155°C. This allows a reduction of the working pressure, cleaning time and the amount of detergent required. Cleaning with hot water therefore offers numerous options for optimising the cleaning process, as well as impressive advantages.

Hot water softens and breaks-down sticky, oily and greasy deposits on surfaces, making it easy to remove. Proteins and grease can be loosened effectively with hot water in the food industry. Grease, oil, resin, etc. can usually be removed with only hot water, less detergent is required or detergent can be omitted entirely. In addition to cost savings, this protects the environment and conserves resources.

In addition to the better results and faster cleaning and drying times they  are a great advantage thanks to their germ-reducing effect in areas such as animal sheds in agriculture, in large kitchens or in the food industry.