Karcher carpet & upholstery cleaners are robust, powerful and versatile for effective intermediate and deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery. some application areas include carpets, couches, upholstered office chairs, car seats and carpets as well as roof linings, bus seats and carpets, aircraft seats and carpets, even boat interiors, and many more.

Karcher spray extraction cleaners clean all textile surfaces and dissolve and remove dirt in a single pass from floor coverings, upholstery, office chairs and passenger seats with powerful suction turbines for unrivalled low residual moisture.

Karcher carpet cleaning machines economically clean large areas of carpet deep into the pile. They are suitable for conventional spray extraction as well as a new intermediate cleaning process, which removes the dirt and freshens up the carpet. Loose fluff and dirt is picked up during intermediate cleaning in a waste container and the carpet is already dry and can be walked on again after 20 minutes.