Karcher Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment ensures the best cleaning performance with no residual mess, as you would have with sand blasting equipment.

When it comes to the need for innovation Karcher is your go to space. Our Karcher Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment is specifically manufactured to clean surfaces with no degradation of the surface. Moulds, parts and machines can be extremely difficult to clean especially in an environment where they need to be removed or refitted to be cleaned, causing down time in your production. Dry ice blasters improve productivity as you no longer need to remove items to be cleaned, but can now clean them in place, thanks to the use of dry ice pellets which are dissolved in carbon dioxide. The outcome of using dry ice blasters is complete cleanliness and that shimmer you’ve been waiting for.


One major advantage of using a Karcher Dry Ice Blasters is that there is no need to prepare before cleaning. There isn’t any disassembling of machine’s or parts as the unit will cleaning in all of those nooks and crannies. Another benefit is that the machines you are cleaning will not have to be in downtime for too long thanks to the efficiency of the unit.
The system has been designed to be environmentally friendly as there are no additional chemicals or agents present. Last, but not least, the dry ice blasters have been designed to ensure that there is no residue after cleaning.