Hygienic, cost-saving and environmentally friendly.  Karcher Professional steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces without the use of chemicals. Steam cleaning machines need only electricity and water and because they work without chemicals, their use does not harm the respiratory tract of the users.

Professional steam vacuum cleaners are suitable for effective cleaning of all hard surface and remove dirt, grease and grime and have their own rinsing programs for self cleaning of the suction hose and pipe. Professional steam cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners are proven machines for disinfection cleaning and combat harmful germs or viruses, they are an effective and time saving cleaning solution due to the high cleaning temperature.

When cleaning walls, floors or furniture, germs, bacteria and viruses can effectively be fought with professional steam cleaning machines. The steam emerges from the nozzle in very fine droplets and, depending on the model of machine, at a maximum temperature of 100 °C and a maximum pressure of 3 to 4 bar. The acceleration is about 170 km/h, the steam reaches all cracks or rubber folds where brushes or cloths can hardly reach. Hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned hygienically and thoroughly.