Dustbuster CHV 2

Dustbuster CHV 2

As the world leader in cleaning technology, Karcher introduces Products &  Innovations continuously to the range, the CHV 2 is one of these new products &  innovations. Karcher products are designed to make cleaning tasks faster and more effective.

The Karcher Dustbuster CHV 2 battery powered hand-held vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for small cleaning tasks. It is compact and lightweight and and does not require unpacking and unrolling the power cable as it is battery powered.

The Karcher CHV 2 Dustbuster battery powered hand-held vacuum cleaner is very compact and can be kept on a book shelf, in a kitchen drawer or cupboard and can even be stored in the car as it takes up very little space.

Dust, bread, rusk or biscuit crumbs, hair and pet hair can be quickly and easily be vacuumed off the couch, car seats and carpets and even off the kitchen counter. Cat litter that has been flicked out of the litter box can also be vacuumed up without having to find the dustpan and brush.

A HEPA filter compliments the fine steel mesh filter, ensuring that all the fine dust is retained in the unit, like fine dust, pollen and other microbes. The mesh filter and dirt container can be removed after use and washed under a tap.

A crevice nozzle with integrated brush are included with this handy little vacuum cleaner.

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