Parts Cleaning in any workshop can be a hazardous and messy job. Often flammable liquids are used for cleaning parts, which are with no doubt a fire risk to your business. The other issue is the health, safety and well being of your employees. Flammable liquids and solvents not only present a fire risk but are also harmful to the skin and eyes as well as respiratory system.

Biologically friendly Parts Cleaning is one of the solutions, the other is a top-loading,  fully automatic parts cleaner, both available form Karcher.

The PC 100 M2 Bio manual parts cleaner combines effective oil and grease removal with a high standard of environmental protection. Instead of using solvents, tools, motor components and other oily and greasy parts are cleaned with a water-based detergent.

The top-loading PC 60/130 T is a fully automatic parts cleaner for parts up to 600 mm in diameter, 310 mm in height and with a maximum weight of 130 kg. The parts are cleaned with three-dimensionally arranged flat jet nozzles with the use of solvent-free, water-based, warmed Kärcher cleaning agent.

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