CB 5 Car Wash

Our 5-brush gantry car wash CB 5 is perfect for heavily frequented locations with a vehicle throughput of more than 1,200 washes per month.

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The CB 5 Car Wash fits in every wash hall with standard dimensions (10 m hall length), but still permits a significantly higher vehicle throughput than a 3-brush gantry car wash.

Where there is only a limited amount of space, our compact CB 5 Car Wash  is the perfect alternative to short car washes. The 5-brush gantry car wash shortens the washing times and also has a quick wash with only 2 passes for vehicles that are only slightly dirty. It is the optimal choice for locations with more than 1,200 washes per month.

Even after the actual planning and construction of your Kärcher washing bay, we are on hand to provide our customers with operator and operation assistance, technical familiarisation and training to ensure that you receive maximum returns on your washing bay.

In a readers’ poll carried out by the magazine WERKSTATT, Kärcher was voted the best brand in the category “mobile and stationary washing bays”. A total of 93 brands across 12 categories were nominated, forming a representative sample of the major brands on the German market. Almost 400 expert readers took part in the poll, which was carried out with the assistance of the expert organisation DEKRA.

Contact us to discuss your car wash requirements.

Technical data

Washing height (mm) 2300 / 2500 / 2800
Fresh water connection, volume (l/min) 100
Fresh water connection, pressure (bar) 4 – 6
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Number of current phases (Ph) 3