Kärcher IB 15/120 Dry Ice Blaster

The Kärcher IB 15/120 ice blaster  is one of the most powerful dry ice blasting machines on the market. It impresses with its robustness, highly reliable technology and the best results in dry ice cleaning.

SKU: 1.574-104.0


The Kärcher IB 15/120 Dry Ice Blaster is powerful, robust and extremely reliable.

The intelligent, detailed solutions such as case holder, ice emptying, retaining bracket and storage compartments also contribute to its positive overall impression. This increases operating comfort and make dry ice cleaning more enjoyable.

From a technical point of view, the solution lies in the detail, which is why Karcher have significantly improved the air streaming in the machine, hose, trigger gun and nozzle. The result is outstanding cleaning performance. In spite of its size, the Kärcher IB 15/120 Dry Ice Blaster is very mobile and can be moved easily by one person.

Blasting spray nozzles and tools are always at hand on the machine. The nozzle case is attached to the side of the machine to protect it from dirt.

Optimum balancing of the ice blaster for convenient manoeuvring over uneven terrain and bars at the front and rear of the ice blaster make it easy to negotiate stairs.

Additional features:
Integrated ground strap coil for easy earthing of the object being blasted and protection from arcing from the user to the object.
Efficient airflow in the dry ice blaster ensures that the dry ice is transported from the device to the nozzle without any damage and ultimate cleaning performance at the nozzle.

Kärcher IB 15/120 – Dry ice blasting at its best!

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Technical data

Connection load (kW) 0,6
Compressed air connection Claw coupling (DIN 3238)
Casing/frame Stainless steel (1.4301)
Air pressure (bar/MPa) 2 – 16 / 0,2 – 1,6
Air quality Dry & oil-free
Air flow (m³/min) 2 – 12
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 125
Dry ice capacity (kg) 40
Dry ice pellets (diameter) (mm) 3
Dry ice consumption (kg/h) 30 – 120
Phase (Ph) 1
Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
Voltage (V) 220 – 240
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 101,5
Weight without accessories (kg) 91
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1000 x 800 x 1300


  • Nozzle case with foam insert
  • Grease for nozzle threads
  • Flat jet nozzle
  • Flat jet nozzle insert, 8 mm
  • Open-end wrench (for changing nozzles), 2 piece(s)
  • Round jet nozzle, XL, long
  • Spray hose with electrical control cable and quick coupling
  • Jet gun (ergonomic and safe)
  • “Air only” or “Air and ice” switch on the blasting trigger gun
  • Electronic control system
  • Includes ground strap coil
  • Oil and water separator