Karcher Hose Trolley Kit 5/8″ HT 3.420


Compact hose trolley with height adjustable handle, angled hose connector, free-wheeling crank, and innovative folding function for space-saving stowage. Fully assembled.

SKU: 2.645-167.0


The ready-to-use Hose Trolley HT 3.420 Kit 5/8″ serves perfectly when watering mid-sized to larger areas and gardens. Thanks to its innovative folding function, it can be stowed away without difficulties and very space-saving.

Features: height adjustable handle, 20 m 5/8″ PrimoFlex®-hose, nozzle, 3 x hose connector, 1 x hose connector with Aqua Stop, G3/4 tap adapter and G1/2 reducer.  Fully assembled.

Watering with Kärcher is the smart way to water!

Technical data

Hose capacity (m) max. 20 (5/8″)
Bursting pressure (bar) 24
Weight (kg) 5,4
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5,4
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 390 x 450 x 700