Karcher Drill Dust Catcher


The new accessory for our multi-purpose vacuum cleaners WD 2-6 allows safe and dust-free holes in conventional wall and ceiling surfaces. Drill dust is suctioned directly from the drill hole.

SKU: 2.863-234.0


Instead of inconvenient and, above all, extra sweeping or vacuuming, you can remove the drill dust at source, directly from the drill hole. It therefore does not matter whether you drill into the wall or the ceiling, or even surfaces such as tiles, wallpaper, plaster, stone, concrete or wood: thanks to the patented two-chamber system and the foam rubber seal, the accessory for the Kärcher Home & Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners WD 2-6 impresses on every conventional surface. In addition, you need not rely on the help of a second person, but can drill and then suction the drill dust effortlessly on your own, leaving the area clean. Our drill dust catcher is suitable for all conventional drills with a drill size of up to 15 mm.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 0.2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 207 x 106 x 117
Standard nominal width ID / 35



For dust-free and residue-free drilling

The drill dust catcher works reliably on all conventional wall and ceiling surfaces

Drilling above your head is easier than ever

Drilling and suctioning without the help of a second person is hassle-free

Easy handling – connect the suction hose, turn on the vacuum cleaner, place the accessory in the desired position, and drill

By pressing the yellow switch, the position of the drill dust catcher can easily be altered without the need for switching off the vacuum cleaner

Suitable accessory for Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners WD 2-6. For drills with a drill size of up to 15 mm