Karcher PW 30/1 Power Brush for Puzzi 10/2

Power washing head PW 30/1 for attaching to our spray extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2. The rotating roller brush intensifies the cleaning performance and increases the area performance by up to 35 percent.

SKU: 1.913-102.0


Simple handling and impressive performance with the Karcher PW 30/1 Power Brush for Puzzi 10/2 for the best results in carpet cleaning.

This Karcher PW 30/1 Power Brush for Puzzi 10/2 is an optional accessory for the Puzzi 10/2 spray extraction cleaner and impresses across the line. Quickly attached in place of the floor nozzle, it ensures even better and faster cleaning results with extreme efficiency. The Puzzi 10/2 on its own has very good performance, with the addition of this power brush you can increase the cleaning performance of the Puzzi 10/2.

The Puzzi 10/2 includes a power socket for the power brush and in just one step the cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet, brushed in with a rotating roller brush and then all the dirt is vacuumed. For one thing, the cleaning performance can be increased considerably, but the area performance of the Puzzi 10/2 can also be increased by up to 35 %.

A few more features are a transparent inspection window at the washing head for continuous monitoring of the return suction. This allows the operator to see when all the dirt has been extracted from the carpet. Another feature is the rotating brushes for intensifying the cleaning process and aligning the carpet fibres.