Kärcher Professional Accessories

Expand your possibilities with accessories for all your Professional cleaning tasks. Karcher Professional Accessories include all products for commercial users. Discover the many possible uses of our accessories for professionals. With Kärcher original accessories, you can optimise the power and extend the areas of use of your cleaning machines. Accessory kits are the ideal solution for special tasks.

Karcher Professional Accessories – For high-pressure cleaners there are, foam bottles and lances that apply a layer of foam to surfaces, various lengths of high pressure hoses, different types of nozzles, wet blasting kits, surface cleaners, hose reels, and many more. For vacuum cleaners there are different lengths of suction hoses, specialised filters, various floor nozzles and brushes and more. For scrubbers and scrubber driers there are various types of pads and brushes, suited to different floor types and structures. For sweepers there are specialised filters, different hardness of brushes for the different floor structures and surfaces.