When it comes to commercial vehicles and Truck Wash Equipment, performance counts. Kärcher offers perfectly coordinated system solutions for commercial vehicle washing, where efficiency and economy are always in the foreground. The range of services includes everything – from commercial vehicle gantry washing systems and mobile single-brush washing systems to suitable cleaning agents and environmentally friendly water treatment systems. Benefit from the many years of experience and the know-how of our experts.

Whether a haulage contractor, municipality or wash centre – by choosing Kärcher, you are making the right choice. Kärcher has been offering reliable and efficient system solutions to suit all needs for over 75 years.

Many haulage contractors have vehicle fleets usually consisting of different types of commercial vehicles, which each place different demands on vehicle cleaning. Kärcher offers a tailored solution for every vehicle type.

For municipalities, what matters most in commercial vehicle cleaning is cost efficiency. A perfectly balanced Kärcher cleaning system is not only affordable, it is also cost-efficient and profitable in the long term.

Time and a clean appearance are important for bus companies. The high-performance Kärcher wash systems clean buses quickly and effectively with brilliant results every time.

Wash centres must be highly versatile to cope with various cleaning activities – including coping with a diverse range of vehicles. Only a perfectly balanced system can ensure a smooth process and meet all requirements.

With the RBS 6000 range, Kärcher offers the ideal solution for smaller vehicle fleets. The mobile single-brush wash system was specially developed for cleaning the front, rear and sides of trucks, buses and box-type vans. A rotating brush moving around the vehicle removes the dirt quickly, effortlessly and economically.

The Kärcher TB is variable in height and width and therefore suitable for every washing bay. With the contouring of the side brushes, even new, aerodynamic vehicles can be cleaned with ease. Kärcher wash systems save both time and money. Depending on the degree of soiling, the Kärcher TB can be individually programmed and the wash cycle time reduced.

All Kärcher Truck Wash Equipment is developed for low-maintenance and economical cleaning. This quality guarantees many years of reliable service and profitability.

Kärcher also offers efficient tank cleaning system solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements.