FC 4 Battery


The 2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery is suitable for use in all 4 V Kärcher Battery Power devices.

SKU: 2.443-002.0


Kärcher FC 4 Battery – Exceptionally long-lasting battery running time and top performance: The 2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery boasts a simple unlocking mechanism, making inserting and removing the battery quick and effortless – with no need for a tool. The device’s running time can be extended for as long as you want with additional batteries for maximum flexibility during use. The contact system and the IPX4 spray water protection ensure safe use, even in devices with high currents. The high-quality lithium-ion cells are impressive thanks to their consistent performance, preventing self-discharge and memory effect (loss of capacity due to frequent partial discharge). An additional advantage is the soft touch area for optimal handling to prevent slipping when changing the battery. Long-lasting thanks to battery sharing: The 2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery is suitable for all devices that use the 4 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery system – even for devices with two batteries.

4 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery
Suitable for all 4 V Kärcher Battery Power devices. Even for devices which have higher power requirements and therefore need two batteries. You can extend your device’s running time with an additional battery for greater flexibility and operational readiness at any time. Sustainable and cost-effective use of the battery for different devices.

Powerful lithium-ion cell
The 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery guarantees consistent power while preventing self-discharge and memory effect. With copper cell connector for less resistance and more power.

IPX4 rated – protected against spray water
Optimal protection against spray water, therefore perfect for use in inside and outside areas. Dust-protected, corrosion-protected and mechanically protected casing.

Unlocking mechanism with soft grip
Quicker and easier battery change – no need for tools.
Convenient to remove, without slipping thanks to recessed grips.

Efficient battery management system
Operation with optimal cell parameters for best performance during the discharging and recharging process.
Protects the battery against overloading, overheating and deep discharge.
Longer battery lifetime.

Temperature management
Top performance thanks to efficient waste heat concept.

Safe and high-quality contact system with five-pin plug
Highest level of safety when using and charging the device.
The same applies for high electrical currents too.

Robust casing
Kärcher’s battery casings are extremely shock-resistant.

Technical data

Battery platform 4 V battery platform
Battery type Lithium-ion replacement battery
Voltage (V) nom. 3,6 – 3,7 – max. 4,2
Capacity (Ah) 2,5
Protection class IPX4
Weight (kg) 0,1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 97 x 30 x 37