High Pressure Cleaners


Karcher invented high pressure cleaners and continues to redevelop and refine them year after year.

In 1950 Karcher developed the first European hot water high pressure cleaner for commercial/industrial cleaning. In 1984 Kärcher launched the first portable high pressure cleaners, the HD 555, for home use, this was a milestone in the history of cleaning.

As the inventor of high pressure cleaning, Karcher has specialist knowledge, which is unrivalled on the market. Regular surveys are conducted to identify what customers require in terms or cleaning, and the findings are incorporated into new machine and accessory development. In this way, Karcher ensures that each new product development meets the needs of their customers.

Cleaning with a high pressure cleaner is the most effective way to clean dirt, mud, grease and many other substances off surfaces. The high pressure cleaner is connected to a the water supply and power point, and where there is no power source, a petrol or diesel powered machine can be used.

With the available range of accessories, the applications for high pressure cleaners is increased substantially. Just a few applications are paving & decking, walls & roofs, bicycles & motorbikes, vehicles, implements and equipment, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited.

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