Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings, with Karcher you are guaranteed to find the right single disc scrubbers. We stock machines for all specialised and all-round uses. With our range of industrial single disc scrubbers and floor polishers your floors will be hygienically clean and spotless, we guarantee sparkling performance every time.

In spaces where there are high volumes of people and foot traffic you require a machine that will effectively clean the floors. Our range of commercial and industrial scrubbers and polishers offer an easy way to regularly clean and polish floors. This ensures effective decontamination and that surfaces are left spotless and gleaming. It is a physically tiring and time consuming process to scrub floors by hand, it can also be a costly exercise to get professional cleaners in to do the job. Commercial and industrial scrubbers reduce the amount of time it takes to scrub floors and have way more powerful scrubbing action.

Another great benefit is that the scrubbers are very mobile, with large transport wheels, which allow for easy movement between the areas to be cleaned.