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Rim Cleaner RM 801 VehiclePro (20 litre)


Alkaline rim cleaner for all coated light alloy and steel rims. Thorough and gentle removal of the most stubborn rim contamination such as burnt-on brake dust.

SKU: 6.295-323.0


The Karcher Rim Cleaner RM 801 VehiclePro (20 litre) for effective and fast removal of common dirt caused by brake dust, tyre wear or road salt, as well as limescale stains on vehicle rims: the alkaline VehiclePro Rim Cleaner, alkaline RM 801 Classic. Gentle on rims, the highly effective cleaner does not attack uncoated concrete floors or steel wheel arch. RM 801 is suitable for use in vehicle wash systems, at self-service washing stations and with spray units, and is 90 %  biodegradable – the surfactants it contains are in accordance with EEC 648/2004. With a cleaning performance of some 400 rims per litre, the established standard cleaner is also very economical and efficient.

Apply with a foam cannon / foam bottle or foamer for best results.

– Highly effective rim cleaner
– Reliably removes brake dust, tyre wear, winter salt residues and limescale stains
– Gentle on materials
– Does not attack uncoated concrete floors and steel drive-up ramps
– Rapidly effective
– Tensides biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004
– More than 90% biodegradable
– NTA-free
– VDA-compliant

Technical data

Packaging size (l) 20
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 1
pH 13,5
Weight (kg) 21,8
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 22,6
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 260 x 237 x 430