Kärcher HD 7/16-4 Cage Classic Pressure Cleaner

HD 7/16-4 Cage Classic robust high-pressure cleaner: this three-phase entry level machine offers the benefits of long service intervals, short cleaning times and a long lifetime.

SKU: 1.353-913.0


The Kärcher HD 7/16-4 Cage Classic Pressure Cleaner is a three-phase  machine with 4-pole motor, designed for continuous, heavy duty use. This robust high-pressure cleaner features a sturdy frame construction for optimal machine protection.

The internal components are designed for maximum durability and a long lifetime, for example the powerful crankshaft pump with ceramic piston. The Kärcher HD 7/16-4 Cage Classic Pressure Cleaner also shows its strengths when it comes to maintenance and service: all relevant components are easily accessible, the large water inlet filter is maintenance-friendly and service intervals are also long. This not only saves costs, but also ensures efficient use of the machine. Smart operation and versatility are other outstanding features.

The practical trigger gun storage with auto off function and the option to place the high-pressure cleaner on the ground or mount it on the wall makes work very easy.


Long-lasting and reliable
4-pole electric motor. Brass cylinder head and ceramic piston. Reliable crankshaft pump with additional thermostat valve.

Robust and secure
Robust tubular frame construction guarantees optimum protection of the machine. Built-in handles for transport.

Excellent access to all relevant components. Large water inlet filter for easy servicing.


  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning of outside areas
  • Cleaning of inside areas
  • Workshop cleaning
  • Service station cleaning

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Technical data

Current type (Ph/V/Hz) 3 / 400 / 50
Flow rate (l/h) 400 – 700
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 70 / 160 / 7 / 16
Max. pressure (bar) 220
Connection load (kW) 4.3
Weight (kg) 55
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 625 x 500 x 360


  • Spray gun, standard
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m
  • Spray lance, 100 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Anti-twist system (AVS)
  • Crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons